Preparing to Launch a Business
  1. A product summary, such as what you’ll find on the Project Center is not really an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch requires you to cover 4 main points in 30 seconds or less. An example of such a pitch is the following:

  2. 1.problem in the marketplace: e.g. “people are horrible drivers and are distracted constantly, causing accidents"

  3. big that market is, i.e. how many persons would purchase such a product to mitigate the problem: “there are 56 million drivers on the road at any one moment and 6 million accidents daily"

  4. you intend to solve that problem: “Google, Tesla, Mercedes Benz and others are busy developing driverless cars—but most people have regular cars, so our fix is—a personless driver"

  5. 4.what you need next to begin to create that solution: “we are a team of young, eager and experienced engineers, and need $1.6 mm in funding to outfit our lab with the proper animatronics and computing equipment, and we believe we can generate enough interest to attract larger investors"




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